CHI and Department of Education

Application number:
1996 S0015
Decision date:
Monday, Feb 10, 1997

CHI and Department of Education
(1996 S0015, 10 February 1997) 

In this 'reverse FOI' case, the applicant objected to disclosure to a teacher of matter concerning the applicant's daughter, and complaints made to school authorities about treatment of her daughter by the teacher. 

The Information Commissioner determined that the matter in issue did concern the personal affairs of the applicant's daughter under s.44(1) and, in respect of certain matter, the personal affairs of other persons, but concluded that disclosure of the matter to the teacher, with the names of the applicant, her daughter and other persons deleted, would, on balance, be in the public interest.  This would provide the teacher with information sufficient to satisfy the public interest considerations telling in favour of disclosure to her, while also affording the persons named a measure of privacy protection as against the world at large.