Cannon and Magistrates Court (Queensland)

Application number:
2003 F0517
Decision date:
Friday, Oct 31, 2003

Cannon and Magistrates Court
(2003 F0517, 31 October 2003)



The applicant contended that he had made an FOI access application to the respondent which the respondent had failed to process.  The Deputy Information Commissioner decided that, in the context of the applicant's correspondence with the respondent, the applicant's request for information could not objectively and reasonably be interpreted as a request for access under the FOI Act. 

The Deputy Information Commissioner also commented that, even assuming that a valid FOI access application had been made, the applicant had not lodged a written application for review by the Information Commissioner under s.79(1) after the expiry of the time limit specified in s.27(4) of the FOI Act.  Nor had the applicant paid an application fee in respect of the purported access application, even though the information sought was clearly non-personal in nature.