Birt and Department of Emergency Services

Application number:
2004 F0159
Decision date:
Friday, Jun 30, 2006

Birt and Department of Emergency Services
(2004 F0159, 30 June 2006)

Sufficiency of search

The only issue for determination in this review was the 'sufficiency of search' by the Department for documents, falling within the terms of the applicant's FOI access application, which related to the QFRS' attendance and the subsequent investigation into the death of the applicant's wife. 

Some further documents, including recordings of radio and telephone communications from QFRS officers, were located during the course of the review.  As a result of those searches and of statements by relevant officers, AC Barker was satisfied that, if any further documents still existed in the possession or control of the Department, they could not now be located; that the searches and inquiries by the Department to locate any such documents had been reasonable in all the circumstances of the case; and that there were no further searches or inquiries which the Department could reasonably be asked to make.