Beauchamp and Department of Premier and Cabinet

Application number:
Decision date:
Wednesday, Oct 10, 2007

Beauchamp and Department of the Premier and Cabinet
(210148, 10 October 2007) 

Section 46(1) Matter communicated in confidence 

The applicant sought access to submissions made by associations and government health units to the Queensland Health Systems Review in relation to oral health. 

The Agency claimed that the relevant submissions were exempt from disclosure pursuant to section 46(1)(a) of the FOI Act. 

The applicant submitted that disclosure of the submissions was in the public interest as they may influence public policy and should be available for public comment, scrutiny and validation.  The applicant also submitted that in accordance with section 4 of the FOI Act, the public interest is best served by promoting open discussion and enhancing government’s accountability. 

Applying the principles set down in B and Brisbane North Regional Health Authority (1994) 1 QAR 279 (Re “B”), Assistant Commissioner Henry decided that the matter in issue was exempt from disclosure in its entirety under either section 46(1)(a) or section 46(1)(b) of the FOI Act.