Barber and Criminal Justice Commission

Application number:
2000 S0067
Decision date:
Tuesday, Sep 19, 2000

Barber and Criminal Justice Commission
(2000 S0067, 19 September 2000) 

This was a 'reverse FOI' application by a former police officer who objected to the disclosure of documents relating to the investigation of an incident in which she was involved while on duty, in which a firearm was discharged in a police station. 

Certain references contained in the documents to the private life and health of the applicant had been determined by the respondent to be exempt under s.44(1) of the FOI Act and that information was not in issue in this review. 

The Deputy Information Commissioner (making his decision as a delegate of the Information Commissioner's powers under s.90 of the FOI Act) decided that the balance of the matter in issue was properly to be characterised as information concerning the employment affairs of the applicant, rather than her personal affairs, and that it therefore did not qualify for exemption under s.44(1) of the FOI Act.