195 Functions of parliamentary committee

The parliamentary committee has the following functions under this Act—

(a) to monitor and review the performance by the information commissioner of the commissioner's functions under this Act;

(b) to report to the Assembly on any matter concerning the commissioner, the commissioner's functions or the performance of the commissioner's functions that the committee considers should be drawn to the Assembly's attention;

(c) to decide, in consultation with the commissioner, the statistical information (including statistical information about giving access to information other than on an access application) agencies are to give the commissioner for the report under the Right to Information Act, section 131;

(d) to examine each annual report tabled in the Assembly under this Act and, if appropriate, to comment on any aspect of the report and to make recommendations;

(e) to report to the Assembly any changes to the functions, structures and procedures of the OIC the committee considers desirable for the more effective operation of this Act;

(f) the other functions conferred on the parliamentary committee by this Act.