51 Decision-maker for application to Minister

(1) An access or amendment application to a Minister may be dealt with by the person the Minister directs, either generally or in a particular case.

(2) However—

(a) the Minister may not direct the person to deal with the application to the extent it involves—

(i) making a healthcare decision; or

(ii) appointing a healthcare professional under paragraph (b); but

(b) the Minister may appoint an appropriately qualified healthcare professional to make a healthcare decision in relation to the application.

(3) In this section—

deal, with an access or amendment application, includes deal with an application for internal review in relation to the access or amendment application.

Examples of dealing with an application for internal review—

  • making a new decision under section 94(2)
  • giving notice under section 97(3)

healthcare decision see section 50.