Take control of your data this Data Privacy Week

January 5, 2024 - 7:54am

OIC is supporting Data Privacy Week which runs from 21-27 January 2024. The week-long event is a reminder to everyone about the importance of protecting personal data and who it is shared with.

This year’s theme for Data Privacy Week is ‘Take control of your data’.

Online activity can create a treasure trove of data, ranging from purchasing behaviours to interests and hobbies, as well as information about health, work, family and your physical self.

Personal data is valuable and both organisations and the general public are encouraged to take steps to protect and better manage it.

This can include:

  • Respecting privacy rights
  • Managing and adjusting your privacy settings on devices, websites and apps
  • Knowing the trade-off between privacy and convenience
  • Making informed decisions about sharing data with organisations and businesses
  • Creating unique passphrases and using a password manager to keep track
  • Using multifactor authentication to help verify access to accounts
  • Turning on automatic device, software and browser updates
  • Learning how to identify phishing messages which can be sent as emails, texts or direct messages.

For more on Data Privacy Week, resources, and information about protecting your data, visit the Data Privacy Week website.

OIC will be sharing privacy tips throughout the week on our X/Twitter and LinkedIn channels.