Former Australian Human Rights Commissioner to launch Queensland Privacy Awareness Week

April 4, 2022 - 1:29pm

Privacy Awareness Week 2022 will be held from 2 to 8 May.

This year’s theme, ‘Privacy the foundation of trust’ is a timely reminder for agencies about the importance of building community trust by protecting and respecting personal information.

When agencies embed a privacy by design approach, they can establish a foundation of trust with staff and the community. This can lead to good privacy practices, faster adoption of new technologies, quicker response to emergent events, improved service delivery and better outcomes for the community.

We’re excited to have Professor Edward Santow, Industry Professor, Responsible Technology at University of Technology Sydney delivering the keynote at this year’s virtual launch on 3 May. Professor Santow will be joined by Queensland’s Privacy Commissioner, Paxton Booth.

In his keynote, Artificial Intelligence and privacy: can they be friends?, Professor Santow will discuss how in a time of unprecedented technological change, trust in government has been consistently falling. He will challenge our thinking on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), explore the rise of facial recognition technology and suggest a way forward that puts privacy at the heart of how AI is designed, developed and used, and how this could improve trust for agencies.

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