Help create a safer digital world

January 5, 2024 - 7:54am

OIC is getting on board to support Safer Internet Day again in 2024, which will be celebrated on 6 February across Australia and the world.

Safer Internet Day is a global initiative to raise awareness of a safer and better internet for all. Organisations across the world, including schools and the community come together to educate people of all ages about online safety risks (like online abuse), how to be safe online, and where to go for help.

In Australia, the eSafety Commissioner is encouraging people to “Connect, Reflect, Protect” to improve online safety.

These are three easy steps people can take to stay safe online all year round:

Connect safely by keeping apps and devices secure and reviewing your privacy settings regularly. 

Reflect on how your actions online may affect your own or others’ safety. 

Protect yourself and others by visiting the eSafety Commissioner's website to find out how to stay safe online, and how to report online abuse.

In support of Safer Internet Day, OIC will be sharing online safety messages and promoting the positive use of digital technology across our X/Twitterand LinkedIn channels, as well as encouraging staff to check out the eSafety Commissioner’s range of free webinars, resources and activities.