Celebrate International Access to Information Day 2022

September 6, 2022 - 2:45pm

On 28 September we celebrate International Access to Information Day (IAI Day). This year the UNESCO IAI Day theme is ‘Artificial intelligence, e-governance and access to information’.

In our ever-increasing digital world, artificial intelligence (AI) and e-governance play an important part in improving access to information. They can help bridge the digital divide by giving citizens access to tailor-made, accessible information and also deliver more efficient and effective services. However, these developments also raise questions about fundamental human rights and ethical use of AI and e-governance by public agencies. Stakeholders, including government agencies, must remain cognisant of the risks, so the use of AI and e-governance builds trust, ensures inclusion, protects human rights and enables citizen participation.

Governments are increasingly using data, algorithms and other forms of AI to inform decisions. A 2021 Community Attitudes Survey investigated awareness and experience of information access rights among the general public. The survey of Queenslanders indicated:

  • 86% think the right to access government information is important
  • 75% of Queenslanders expect agencies to publicly report on any AI system used to inform agency decisions that impact individuals and
  • 80% of Queenslanders expect agencies to report on the information they maintain.

IAI Day raises awareness of every individual's right of access to government-held information; and the public sector’s responsibility to release information if it is in the public interest to do so. It is a day on which individuals and governments from around the world can support this fundamental human right and promote open, democratic societies where citizens are empowered and participate in government.

A range of resources are available to help you promote IAI Day including, a poster, digital images, email signature image, social media banners and more. View the IAI Day resources.