140B Conflicts of interest

(1) If the information commissioner has an interest that conflicts or may conflict with the discharge of the information commissioner's responsibilities, the information commissioner—

(a) must disclose the nature of the interest and conflict to the Speaker and parliamentary committee as soon as practicable after the relevant facts come to the information commissioner's knowledge; and

(b) must not take action or further action concerning a matter that is, or may be, affected by the conflict until the conflict or possible conflict is resolved.

(2) If the conflict or possible conflict between an interest of the information commissioner and the information commissioner's responsibilities is resolved, the information commissioner must give to the Speaker and parliamentary committee a statement advising of the action the information commissioner took to resolve the conflict or possible conflict.

(3) A reference in this section to an interest or to a conflict of interest is a reference to those matters within their ordinary meaning under the general law and, in relation to an interest, the definition in the Acts Interpretation Act 1954, schedule 1 does not apply.