International Access to Information Day 2023

On 28 September we celebrate International Access to Information Day (IAI Day). This year’s theme is ‘Digital inclusion: Connecting people to information’.

Digital inclusion is about ensuring that all Australians can access and use digital technologies effectively. We are now experiencing an accelerating digital transformation in many aspects of economic and social life. Everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from digital technologies: to manage their health, access education and services, participate in cultural activities, organise their finances, follow news and media, and connect with family, friends, and the wider world. This extends to using digital technologies to access government-held information or exercise information access rights.

The 2023 Australian Digital Inclusion Index Report found digital inclusion across the nation is improving, but the benefits are not being shared by all Australians. While the number of highly excluded Australians has declined, some groups are more likely to lack the required resources to participate fully in contemporary economic, social, and civic life. These include remote First Nations communities, older Australians, and people on the lowest incomes.

IAI Day is a timely reminder for public sector agencies to review how they use digital technologies for service delivery and ask the question: ‘How does digital inclusion impact on an individual’s right to access services as well as government-held information?’ After all, everyone deserves to access services efficiently, stay informed, and participate in a healthy democratic society.

IAI Day also raises awareness of every individual's right of access to government-held information; and the public sector’s responsibility to release information if it is in the public interest to do so. Let’s encourage citizens and governments from around the world to support this fundamental human right and promote open, democratic societies where citizens are empowered and participate in government.

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