1 Preliminary assessment of charges

(1) This section applies if an agency or Minister considers a processing charge or access charge is payable in relation to an application.

(2) The agency or Minister must give the applicant a written notice (a preliminary assessment notice) stating—

(a) the agency’s or Minister’s preliminary assessment of the amount of any processing charge or access charge; and

(b) the basis on which the preliminary assessment is made.

(3) The preliminary assessment notice must also state the following—

(a) that the applicant may consult with a stated officer of the agency or a stated member of the staff of the Minister with a view to making an application in a form that would reduce the original charge;

(b) the effect of sections 2 and 3(1) and (2);

(c) any matters that may be taken into account under the Act or a regulation in deciding whether any processing charge and access charge should be waived because the applicant is in financial hardship;

(d) the original deposit, if any.