108A Strategic review of commissioner

(1) Strategic reviews of the commissioner are to be conducted under this section and sections 108AA and 108AB.

(2) A strategic review is to be conducted at least every 5 years, counting from when the report (the earlier report) for the most recent earlier strategic review was given to the Minister and the commissioner under section 108AB(4), up to when the reviewer is appointed under subsection (4) to undertake the latest review.

(3) However, if the parliamentary committee reported to the Legislative Assembly about the earlier report, and the committee’s report made recommendations to which a Minister was required to respond under the Parliament of Queensland Act 2001, section 107 the 5 years is counted from when the Minister’s response was tabled under that section.

(4) Each strategic review is to be undertaken by an appropriately qualified person (reviewer), appointed by the Governor in Council, who is to give a report on the review.

(5) The terms of reference for a strategic review are to be decided by the Governor in Council.

(6) Before a reviewer is appointed to conduct a strategic review, the Minister must consult with the parliamentary committee and the commissioner about—

(a) the appointment of the reviewer; and

(b) the terms of reference for the review.

(7) The remuneration and other terms of appointment of the reviewer are as decided by the Governor in Council.

(8) In this section—

strategic review includes—

(a) a review of the commissioner’s functions; and

(b) a review of the commissioner’s performance of the functions to assess whether they are being performed economically, effectively and efficiently.