Section 42(3A)

(3A) Matter is also exempt if it consists of information obtained, used or prepared for an investigation by a prescribed crime body, or another agency, in the performance of the prescribed functions of the prescribed crime body.

(3B) Matter is not exempt under subsection (3A) in relation to a particular applicant if—

(a) it consists of information about the applicant; and

(b) the investigation has been finalised.

(5) In this section—

prescribed crime body means—

(a) the Crime and Misconduct Commission; or

(b) the former Criminal Justice Commission; or

(c) the former Queensland Crime Commission.

prescribed functions means—

(a) in relation to the Crime and Misconduct Commission—the crime function, and the misconduct functions, within the meaning of the Crime and Misconduct Act 2001; and

(b) in relation to the former Criminal Justice Commission—the functions of the former Criminal Justice Commission under the repealed Criminal Justice Act 1989 in relation to organised or major crime or in relation to the misconduct or official misconduct within the meaning of the Act; and

(c) in relation to the former Queensland Crime Commission—the functions of the former Queensland Crime Commission under the repealed Crime Commission Act 1997 in relation to relevant criminal activity or major crime within the meaning of that Act.