PAS and Brisbane South Regional Health Authority

Application number:
1994 S0023
Decision date:
Wednesday, Oct 09, 1996

PAS & Brisbane South Regional Health Authority
(1994 S0023, 9 October 1996) 

Applying the principles set out in McEniery and Medical Board of Queensland (1994) 1 QAR 349, the Information Commissioner found that some of the matter in issue (information supplied by third parties relating to the admission of the applicant to hospital as a regulated patient under the Mental Health Act) was exempt under s.42(1)(b), as its disclosure would disclose the identity of confidential sources of information. 

The Information Commissioner found that the balance of the matter in issue was exempt under s.44(1), as it concerned the personal affairs of third parties and the public interest in the applicant having access to the matter (having already been given access to the great bulk of his medical records) did not outweigh the public interest in protecting the privacy of the third parties, and in protecting the continued supply of relevant information to hospital authorities to assist in their care of psychiatric patients.