Coroneos and Medical Board of Queensland

Application number:
2003 S0227
Decision date:
Friday, May 09, 2003

Coroneos and Medical Board of Queensland
(2003 S0227, 9 May 2003) 

This was a 'reverse FOI' application in which the applicant objected to disclosure to a former patient of conditions relating to the applicant's registration as a specialist medical practitioner.  Assistant Commissioner Moss was satisfied that the conditions comprised information concerning the applicant's professional affairs, but she was not satisfied that disclosure of the conditions could reasonably be expected to have an adverse effect on his professional affairs, nor to prejudice the future supply of similar information to government. 

AC Moss recognised a strong public interest in giving the public the opportunity to scrutinise conditions attaching to the registration of medical practitioners, and in the accountability of the respondent and the Medical Assessment Tribunal regarding the way in which they review and manage the registration of medical practitioners and conditions placed upon such registrations.  Accordingly, AC Moss found that the conditions did not qualify for exemption from disclosure under s.45(1)(c) of the FOI Act.