Webinar: Privacy Impact Assessments

It is a common perception that privacy impact assessments (PIA) are administratively arduous, technically challenging and automatically at odds of both the proposed outcomes of a program and to any proposed methodology. The webinar has been designed to dispel these perceptions and de-mystify the PIA process.

The webinar will achieve this by emphasising the limited focus of a PIA and providing a framework to conduct it. While each PIA will be individually crafted to each program, they will all have three core components:

  • mapping the personal information flows within and without the program
  • identifying the relevant privacy principle for each flow
  • addressing the resulting privacy obligations into the design and implementation of the program.

The webinar will run through the undertaking of a PIA hypothetical initiative and give attendees a detailed examination of the three core components. This will show that once broken down into their individual transactions, the related privacy analysis and accommodations are both manageable and add value to the initiative.

Who will deliver the training?

An experienced Privacy Officer from the Office of the Information Commissioner will conduct the training.

When will it be conducted?

9:30am to 11am on Wednesday, 27 May 2020

NOTE: There is no need to register for this webinar. Simply click on the below link at the nominated start time.

Join the webinar here at 9:30am on 27 May

There is no fee associated with this webinar.

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