Privacy Impact Assessments for Health Agencies

The Privacy Impact Assessment for Health Agencies video presentation has been specifically designed for health agency privacy practitioners. However, anyone involved in the creation or improvement of a health agency program or project (Program) can benefit from understanding how to maximise privacy protections both in the design and implementation of the Program.

It is a common perception that privacy impact assessments (PIA) are involved, technically challenging and necessarily antithetical to both the proposed outcomes of a Program and to its methodology. The video has been designed to both dispel these perceptions and to generally de-mystify the PIA process.

The presentation will achieve this by emphasising the limited focus of a PIA and providing a framework for the conduct of it. While each PIA will be individually crafted to a Program, they will all have three core components:

  • Mapping the personal information flows within and without the Program.
  • Analysis of the privacy principle relevant to each flow.
  • Addressing the identified privacy principle requirements in the design or implementation.

The presentation illustrates these components by running through how a PIA would be conducted on a hypothetical new health initiative. The presentation will step the viewer through a detailed examination of these three components demonstrating that once they are broken down into their individual transactions, the privacy analysis and accommodation is both manageable and beneficial to the overall initiative.

At the presentation’s end, the practitioner should not only have more confidence about conducting a PIA, they would be able to convincingly persuade their colleagues that the PIA will positively enhance the Program.