Managing High Conflict Behaviour

Managing high conflict or unreasonable behaviour is an unavoidable part of our roles as information access and privacy practitioners. While this behaviour may be demonstrated by a minority of our stakeholders, the time spent in managing and responding to it can be time-consuming and stressful.  Identifying methods to appropriately manage challenging behaviour will support the equitable and efficient use of an agency’s resources and limit the personal impact that this behaviour has on the staff that are faced with it.

To better equip information access and privacy practitioners to manage this challenge OIC is offering a full day workshop on understanding high conflict behaviour and learning strategies to better deal with it as it appears in our work environment. We invite information access and privacy practitioners who routinely face high conflict, difficult behaviour in face to face, telephone or written communications to attend.

This training will be delivered by Bill Eddy from the High Conflict Institute. Mr. Eddy has published several books on the topic of managing high conflict behaviour and provides training to professionals worldwide on this subject. He is a lawyer, psychologist, mediator, and the President of the High Conflict Institute based in San Diego, California.

The all-day training program will first focus on understanding high-conflict personalities and strategies for calming down emotional responses.  The training will also cover specific techniques for connecting, analysing, responding and setting limits with high-conflict people.

There will be practice exercises for managing high conflict behaviour in writing and in conversations. The lessons and activities throughout the day will be specifically tailored to the work performed by information access and privacy practitioners. By attending this training your staff can expect to learn practical approaches to managing high conflict behaviour that will limit the time and emotional energy spent in these situations.

This training will also provide your staff with the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other practitioners facing similar challenges.

When and where will the training be conducted

8:30am to 4:40pm, Friday 11 October 2019.


Australian Catholic University, Level 3, 229 Elizabeth Street Brisbane CBD.

Is there a cost?

There is no fee associated with this training.

Fees will only be incurred in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined below.

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 36

Nominations will close on 13 September and successful participants will be notified by 20 September.

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Terms and conditions:

The delivery of this training is subject to attendance numbers. Any cancellations must be advised at least 48 hours before the training commences by emailing or by phoning 07 3234 7373. If notice is not given the Office of the Information Commissioner reserves the right to charge any associated costs to you or your agency.