Media release: Two Queensland Right to Information Commissioners Appointed—8 October 2010

Information Commissioner Julie Kinross announces the appointment of Ms Jenny Mead and Ms Clare Smith to the role of Right to Information Commissioner.

As part of Queensland government’s work-life balance strategy, Ms Mead and Ms Smith will share the workload of the position, each on a part-time basis.

Ms Kinross said “The Office being a family friendly employer will allow staff and Queenslanders alike to benefit from Ms Mead’s and Ms Smith’s extensive knowledge and experience within Queensland Government legal services”.

Ms Mead and Ms Smith will assist the Information Commissioner in championing and promoting compliance with the ‘push model’ as part of the Government’s Right to Information reforms. The duties will include providing guidance and support to agencies, Ministers and members of the public on the interpretation and administration of the Right to Information Act 2009. As well, they will monitor,investigate and report on agencies’ compliance with the legislation and review decisions made by agencies and Ministers.

The careers of Ms Mead and Ms Smith have followed similar paths. Ms Mead and Ms Smith have a great depth of government legal experience having worked in legal positions at Crown Law and other government agencies for over twenty years.

Since 2000 they have jointly led a number of government departments' legal services units. Prior to their recent appointment, Ms Mead and Ms Smith jointly held the position of Director, Legal Services at the Department of Infrastructure and Planning.

“Ms Mead and Ms Smith are well respected government legal practitioners. They will play a pivotal role in delivering open and accountable government through the operation of the new Right to Information Act 2009 and we welcome them to the Office”, Ms Kinross said.

Ms Mead and Ms Smith took up the role of Right to Information Commissioner on 4 October 2010.

Media contact: Mr Steve Haigh, Manager, Training and Stakeholder Relations
Phone: 07 3405 1111