Media release: Queensland Privacy Commissioner to Review ‘Go Card’ Release—30 July 2010

The Information Commissioner has acted swiftly today to initiate a review under section 135 of the Information Privacy Act 2009 relating to the personal information handling practices surrounding go card information.

Privacy Commissioner Linda Matthews will lead the investigation to ensure proper safeguards exist in relation to the handling of personal information contained in TransLink go cards. This follows the Queensland Police Service accessing go card information through TransLink.

Ms Matthews said, “The investigation will include examination of whether TransLink and the Queensland Police Service acted in accordance with legal requirements on each of the 46 reported occasions.”

She also said that, “Law enforcement agencies can apply to Queensland government agencies to access personal information under an exemption outlined in section 29 of the Information Privacy Act 2009 but there are requirements around access and subsequent use.”

Ms Matthews said, “The public should have confidence in how their personal information is handled by government.”

As soon as the review findings are completed they will be reported to Queensland Parliament.

It is hoped that the review and findings will promote public sector and community understanding of the Information Privacy Act 2009, privacy principles, and public sector compliance with the Act.

Media contact: Mr Steve Haigh, Manager, Training and Stakeholder Relations
Phone: 07 3405 1111