Media release: Queensland Privacy Commissioner Releases ‘Go Card’ Review Report—23 November 2010

In July 2010 the Office of the Information Commissioner commenced the first review under the Information Privacy Act 2009.

The review investigated TransLink’s provision of personal information from its go card database to the Queensland Police Service.

We found that in most cases the disclosure of go card information by TransLink to the Queensland Police Service did not meet the requirements of the Information Privacy Act.

TransLink needed to ensure that the Queensland Police Service provided sufficient information about criminal matters or missing person investigations to satisfy their obligations under the Information Privacy Act. Prior to the review it did not do so.

Privacy Commissioner Linda Matthews said, “Privacy laws require public sector agencies to safeguard the personal information they hold unless there are lawful reasons for its release.”

During the review, TransLink and the Queensland Police Service changed their practices to enable TransLink to comply with the Information Privacy Act.

Ms Matthews said that, "The community has an expectation their personal information will not be disclosed to anyone unless it is permitted by the law. We made seven recommendations that, if followed, will deliver the privacy protections provided by law.”

We acknowledge the co-operation by TransLink and the Queensland Police Service throughout the review including a commitment to improve the way requests for go card information are managed in both agencies.

The report (PDF, 793.26 KB) can be accessed.

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