Media release: Queensland Privacy Commissioner Appointed—12 May 2010

Information Commissioner Ms Julie Kinross is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Linda Matthews as Queensland’s first Privacy Commissioner.

Ms Kinross said ”The position of the Privacy Commissioner was established for the first time under the Right to Information Act 2009, and the appointment of Ms Matthews will enable a major plank of the Government’s Right to Information Reforms to be implemented”

“Ms Matthews, as a deputy to the Information Commissioner, will establish and drive a range of initiatives to support the protection of individuals’ private information held by government agencies, while improving its accuracy and access by its owners. Where there are issues about the release of government held private information, Ms Matthews will oversee the team responsible for conciliating complaints about these matters. “

“Prior to her appointment as Privacy Commissioner, Ms Matthews dedicated 14 years to the role of the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity in South Australia. Ms Matthews’ duties included investigating and conciliating discrimination complaints and informing the community about their rights under Equal Opportunity laws.

During this time Ms Matthews demonstrated strong advocacy for the protection of individuals’ rights in accordance with the law. Her expertise will be a great asset to all Queenslanders with respect to their rights under the new Information Privacy Act 2009.”

Ms Matthews will also ensure that technological developments which might otherwise put individuals’ privacy at risk are monitored and that the Office of the Information Commissioner effectively contributes to the public debate on the effective regulation and management of those developments.

Ms Kinross said Ms Matthews will make an important contribution to the Office of the Information Commissioner and open government within Queensland.

Media contact: Mr Steve Haigh, Manager, Training and Stakeholder Relations
Phone: 07 3405 1111