Media release: Protecting your right to information and privacy—27 June 2012

Today, Information Commissioner, Ms Julie Kinross, launched important enhancements to the Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC) website available at

Ms Kinross said, “It is important for Queensland government agencies to continually review and revitalise their services. In a fast paced digital world this includes online services and access to government-held information.”  

“Citizens are right to expect that improvements in web-based technology should open up government and increase transparency and accountability,” Ms Kinross said.

The revamped website design adheres to a consistent user experience standard and content has been arranged primarily into three key sections: Online services; Information for; and Information about. Each section provides further information and valuable resources on aspects of the organisation’s function.

By moving to a more user-centric layout, visitors can choose to access relevant information based on their interests or obligations.

Displaying OIC’s new slogan, “Protecting your right to information and privacy’, the site has a number of new features, including:

  • Improved online services including a privacy complaint form
  • A better ability to share content through social media and email
  • The ability to collaborate, consult and participate in two way discussions, giving people a say on issues affecting their local community
  • Improved site searching option
  • Access to annotated legislation to provide critical or explanatory notes relevant to information rights
  • Dedicated pages for information rights practitioners, public sector employees, community members, media and students/researchers.

Ms Kinross said “To improve our service, we have collated and organised in one online location, our research tools and information resources, case law and decisions from Queensland and other jurisdictions. In publishing our information, we are fulfilling obligations to publish significant information holdings and to use the information strategically. Publication will make access to both our information and information held across government better and easier for the community, assisting in revitalising right to information and information privacy services across government.”

“Today’s web-based technology can allow citizens to contact, interact or transact with government, practically anytime and anywhere. Government needs to be more efficient and responsive to this demand,” Ms Kinross said.

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