Media release: Best Performance by Office of the Information Commissioner—1 October 2010

The 2009-10 Annual Report of the Office of the Information Commissioner was tabled in Parliament yesterday.

The Information Commissioner Julie Kinross said, the 2009-10 Annual Report covered the first full year of operation of the new Right to Information Act, which gives people a right to information under a ‘push’ model.”

"As a sign of confidence in exercising their rights under the new Right to Information Act, Queenslanders lodged with the Office of the Information Commissioner on average 60% more applications for external review of agency decisions to not fully release information " Ms Kinross said.

The Year at a Glance:

  • The office received the highest number of external review applications ever received
  • The Office achieved its highest rate of resolving applications with more than 90% of applications resolved early;
  • External reviews were resolved in 37 days (median) reflecting a 34% improvement in the timeliness of external review;
  • The highest numbers of applications concerned Queensland Health and Queensland Police;
  • By written decision of the Information Commissioner 60% of agency decisions were overturned;
  • A 95% satisfaction rating for Office training delivered to over 3500 participants; and
  • Over 4000 individual enquiries were received and responded to achieving a 98% satisfaction rating.

“These figures showed that obtaining information was easier for Queenslanders and that confirmed that there was a new era of information rights and responsibilities in Queensland", Ms Kinross said.

Ms Kinross also announced that: “In undertaking the new roles the Office acquired under the new legislation, the Office monitored agencies, universities and local governments for their compliance with the push model in relation to them actively putting information on their websites in an easily accessible way, including non-personal information which had been sought by individuals and organisations.”

A copy of the Office of the Information Commissioner Annual Report 2009-2010 is available.

Media contact: Mr Steve Haigh, Manager, Training and Stakeholder Relations
Phone: 07 3405 1111