Updated guideline and new information sheet

December 5, 2017 - 12:38pm

Documents of an Agency and Documents of a Minister has been updated to address private emails, private devices and social media. We have also developed an information sheet which explains the relationship between the RTI and IP Acts and documents available through other means.

The updates to the Documents of an Agency and Documents of a Minister guideline covers emails and other documents, such as text messages, stored in private email accounts and on privately owned devices, that relate to official agency business or were created by an officer acting in an official capacity. It also covers Facebook and other social media accounts operated by an officer of the agency acting in their official capacity.

The new information sheet: What if the document I’m applying for is already available?, while intended for members of the community and potential applicants, should also be of use to agencies in dealing with someone who wants to apply for a document that the agency already has available through an access scheme. Just a reminder, though, that ‘refusal of access because access is available through other means’ is only applicable where full access to the document is guaranteed. See the guideline Refuse access to a document - other access available for more information.