Queensland Law Reform Commission table report on surveillance and privacy

June 30, 2020 - 10:38am

The Queensland Law Reform Commission (QLRC) tabled Report No 77, Review of Queensland’s laws relating to civil surveillance and the protection of privacy in the context of current and emerging technologies, in Parliament on 29 June 2020.

The QLRC Report notes that surveillance device technologies, such as digital recording devices and drones, have become increasingly sophisticated with the potential to impact on an individual’s privacy. The QLRC Report contains a draft bill which seeks to provide for an individual’s privacy to be protected from unjustified interference from the use, or the communication or publication of information obtained from the use, of surveillance devices.  Key components of the draft bill include criminal prohibitions on the use, installation and maintenance of surveillance subject to some exceptions, such as consent of the parties, the establishment of a new independent regulator, a general obligation on a user of a surveillance device not to use the device in a way that interferes with an individual’s surveillance privacy (where an individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy and has not consented) and a civil complaints process and remedies.

The QLRC Report is available at https://www.qlrc.qld.gov.au.