Privacy Authorities Australia working together and PAW2020

December 6, 2019 - 10:30am

Privacy Awareness Week 2020 theme and date announcement 

We are very excited to announce that following the Privacy Authorities Australia (PAA) October meeting, Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) will be held across Australia between 4 to 10 May 2020.  In Queensland, the theme for PAW2020 is Be smart about privacy. The adoption of smart technologies is increasing and touches many aspects of our daily lives – smart phones, smart watches, smart household appliances and utility meters, smart cars and transport infrastructure, smart light posts and sensors etc. etc. Greater connection to the internet and collection of data means greater challenges for the protection of personal information. As part of our PAW campaign we will release a range of resources and events to raise awareness of an individual’s right to privacy and government’s responsibility to protect personal information.

Privacy Authorities Australia working together 

Privacy Authorities Australia (PAA) members recently met in Sydney, on 19 November 2019, to share and discuss significant privacy developments in their respective jurisdictions and privacy challenges more broadly.  The meeting was hosted by the Information and Privacy Commission NSW. Queensland was represented by Information Commissioner Rachael Rangihaeata and Privacy Commissioner Phil Green. Mrs Sheila Fitzpatrick, Global data privacy expert spoke to the group about Global Privacy Concerns – Smart Cities, Innovation (AI), and Lawful Processing (Consent).  Other key issues discussed include planning for Privacy Awareness Week 2020, the resource on Artificial Intelligence produced by the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner and an update on the work undertaken by the cross-jurisdictional Policy Group and Complaints and Enforcement Group.

PAA was established in 2008 to be a forum for the sharing of ideas, developments, resources and knowledge to improve the collective information privacy capability of Privacy Authorities across Australia.  Inter-jurisdictional collaboration remains essential to privacy authorities’ effectiveness and to our ability to contribute solutions to privacy complaints, breaches and policy challenges that cross borders or involve complex systems and technologies.