OIC's Privacy Champion Policy

September 1, 2020 - 2:28pm

The Officer of the Information Commissioner (OIC) has published its new Privacy Champion Policy. This policy forms part of OIC’s long-standing commitment to building an effective information privacy culture, including improving information privacy practices and taking proactive steps to embed Privacy by Design into agency functions, systems and processes.

This is consistent with the Crime and Corruption Commission’s Operation Impala recommendation that agencies embed a ‘privacy champion’ at a senior officer level, with a view to incorporating Privacy by Design into executive decision-making processes. A Privacy Champion is a senior official within an agency who is responsible for leadership activities and engagement that require broader strategic oversight.

Embedding a Privacy Champion within agencies can promote the value of personal information, strengthen privacy practices and provide leadership on privacy issues, including privacy and data security risks.

Read the policy here (PDF, 178.77 KB)