New privacy case notes

May 15, 2017 - 11:25am

Three new case notes have been released as part of our activities during Privacy Awareness Week (PAW), an event held every year to promote and raise awareness of privacy and the importance of protecting personal information.

We have also updated our resource on how to put a price of damage suffered as a result of a privacy breach to include the recent Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal decision, and two cases from the Commonwealth privacy jurisdiction.

Our new case notes cover the following subject matters:

  • how privacy rights can be affected when an individual publishes or gives their personal information for the purposes of publication
  • how effective communication during the complaint handling process can mean the difference between a complaint that is successfully resolved or a complaint that is escalated to our Office
  • how an appropriate remedy can lead to resolving a privacy complaint in an efficient and conciliatory way.

Read our case notes here