Major review of the privacy guidelines

September 24, 2019 - 10:13am

Over the last few months we have been working on a major review of the privacy guidelines. This review isn't finished, but the first batch of guidelines has been released. Some of these were only refreshed, while others have been completely overhauled, resulting in an entirely new guideline.

One of the biggest changes is that, where there was a National Privacy Principle (NPP) guideline and an Information Privacy Principle (IPP) guideline on the same topic, they have been merged into a single guideline. For example, Health agencies - use and disclosure for law enforcement and revenue protection and Use and disclosure for law enforcement and revenue protection have been replaced by All agencies - Use and disclosure for law enforcement, which covers both the NPPs and IPPs.

Redirect links have been put in place for the guidelines that have been removed, which means if you had any bookmarked, those bookmarks should now take you to the new guideline.

Work on the guidelines review project will continue and we will keep you updated as more are completed. For more information, contact the Enquiries Service on 07 3234 7373 (option 1) or